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Minister of Music

Cedar Creek Baptist Church of Blythewood, SC is searching for a part time Minister of Music.  The minister will plan and lead liturgy for public worship services.


  • Spiritual
    • A mature humble character with a desire to serve God’s people and grow in the skill, knowledge, and heart of worship ministries
    • The ability to think theologically including reading and discussing books and scripture
    • A high view of the local church in the life of believers and a commitment to making CCBC your church
  • Previous leadership experience with music ministry in the local church
  • Muscial proficiency
    • Basic musicianship on an instrument or voice including reading music
    • Ability to read and create lead sheets and chord charts
    • Experience leading instrumental ensembles in the context of worship
  • Computer proficiency
    • Basic administrative skills such as creating documents, spreadsheets, and typing up emails

Roles and Responsibilities

The music minister will be responsible for:

  • Planning worship services
    • Working with pastor to select songs and other aspects of liturgy
    • Preparing service orders
  • Administering worship services
    • Doing scheduling
    • Sending communication
  • Leading worship services
    • Running Rehearsal
    • Leading songs and other aspects of liturgy
    • Being the point person for services
  • Managing the worship team
    • Recruiting new members
    • Overseeing A/V volunteers and all equipment

Schedule and Salary

Vacation is 6 days per year

Sick days are 2 per year

For additional policies please reference the Personnel Manual.

The targeted time required to fulfill this role is 10-12 hours per week.  During a calendar year four Sundays of vacation will be granted.  Salary determined by experience and ability.

Cedar Creek Baptist church is a small (70-100 people) community church.  We are located in Blythewood, SC in a growing and vibrant community.  Our desire is to reach our community for Christ!